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We all have things we’d rather not tell the world about. Whatever the reason, it’s about time to clear up a few things about online anonymity. Some of us set our privacy settings to restrict some people from viewing our Facebook accounts or Twitter feeds.  Some use tricks to hide their IP addresses. But are these enough to answer the question whether it’s really possible to be truly anonymous online?Read More »


It’s often been said that once something is on the Internet, you’ll never be able to take it down no matter how hard you try. What does this mean for us as we move into the future? What do the posts and tweets that we make today say about us as people? What will we think of today’s photos and videos ten years down the road? Often times social media feels fleeting, but it’s very much forever.

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Civil Society and Environmental Problems in Vietnam

Vietnam has been transformed economically and socially, lifting millions out of poverty and raising living standards during the past two decades. New and more complicated development challenges has arisen from this rapid growth, including rising income inequality and environmental degradation. The government is struggling to provide all citizens with adequate standards and ease of access to public services such as health, education, and clean water. In response to the country’s needs, more and more Vietnamese civil society organizations (CSOs) are emerging.

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